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Let the Indian Fire inspire your senses

12th November 2011- CC De Kern, Wilrijk - 8 PM
11th December 2011 - Concertgebouw Brugge - 3 PM (family show as a part of December Dance Festival)
22nd January 2012 - Vooruit, Gent - 3 PM (music only)
11th February 2012 - De Centrale, Gent - 8 PM

Gori KaDance Orchestra presents a sparkling dance and music show. Get carried away to the exotic continent of India, where dreams become reality and fantasies come to life!
AGNI is a spectacular show with elements of ancient and modern India. Experience this colourful mix of vivid bollywood songs, dazzling gypsy dances, enchanting melodies and impressive choreographies, and enjoy the Indian live music and songs. The artistic scenography and breathtaking costumes create the perfect setting for a Thousand and One Night fairy tale.
Through a variety of dance styles, AGNI tells the story of the many cultures that live in India. From classic to modern, from Tamil Nadu to Rajasthan. Maya Sapera interprets bollywood choreographies and classical temple dances in her own individual style based on the authentic dance forms, but always with great respect for the true nature of the Indian heritage.
AGNI is a creation by Maya Sapera Dance Company. Maya Sapera was the first in Belgium to perform and teach bollywood and Indian gypsy dance on a professional level. She is touring in Belgium as well as abroad to promote the Indian dance and music culture together with Gori Ka Dance Orchestra. They currently consist of six dancers and seven musicians.

Concept / artistic director / choreography: Maya Sapera
Artistic coordination: Ayla Joncheere
Assistents choreography:
Laura Neyskens, Tom Decuyper
Musical director: Jill Delien
Musical arrangement en composition: Jill Delien, Fabio Picchi
Light: Jan Vereecken
Sound: Dimitri Meersschout
Dresser: Veerle Gevaert
Stagemanager: Erik Cantryn
Dancers: Maya Sapera, Laura Neyskens, Tom Decuyper, Nakoulou Leblanc, Ayla Joncheere, Hind Montesinos 
Musicians: Jill Delien, Fabio Picci, Stijn Claeysier, Mahabub Khan, Sattar Khan
Singers: Emmanuelle Schotsaert, Jyoti Singh
Promotion: Eva Vereecken