Maya Sapera

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Bharata Natyam Indian Temple Dance

At the age of 6 Maya started her Bharata Natyam carreer (classical Indian dance). After 20 years of training she created her own personal style.

Bharata Natyam is characterized by the demi-plié position (araimandi), powerful handmovements and typical Indian elements like the complex South-Indian rhythm patrons (Taala), hand postures (Hasta’s), head movements (Shiro Bheda), eye movements (drishti bheda), facial expressions (abhinaya), feelings (rasa’s)... The dance is softer, warmer and more sensual due to Maya's training in Kathak (classical North-Indian dance) and Kalbeliya (Indian gypsy dance).

When: every Friday from 5-6 PM (first class 30/09/2016)

Where: Danshuis De Ingang, Hurstweg 8 - 9000 Gent

Fees: 80 euros/3 months