Maya Sapera

© Leen Van Laethem

Maya Sapera Dance Company

Indian & Oriental Arts in Creation

After a long journey of many experiments, adventures, successes and challenges, Maya Sapera Dance Company was launched in January 2011 (Ghent, Belgium). Maya Sapera and her assistants, fellow-dancers and contributors are delighted to welcome you to this website!

The Maya Sapera Dance Company works as an umbrella production company that houses different ethnical dance and music groups. All of these are united by the same goal: to offer a high-quality and professional program of non-Western dance styles and simultaneously upgrade these dance forms' technical level and reputation.

We apply our creative skills to combine our own 'Western' culture with 'non-Western' cultures. The company does not intend to imitate other cultures, but creates a crossover in which both culture meet. Through art we try to bring people in positive contact with another world.

Maya Sapera Dance Company is more than just a performing company. Our philosophy extends to the educational level as well. That is why the company pays great attention to its high-quality dance classes and workshops in order to motivate people to dance 'non-Western' styles at a high level.

We would like to thank Alain Platel (Les Ballets C de la B) and Michael De Schrijver (Zephyrus Records) to give their support by completing our vzw's committee.